111 Years of History


The first patent

Fender from 1910

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Conventional fenders

ordinary fender


POP Fender

the new Fender - telescopic - Pop Fender


We have won!

We are mega proud! On Thursday, June 15, 2023, we were awarded the Vorarlberg Innovation Award 2023 in the Newcomer category.

Photos: ©Sams

Fender System

Sophisticated design, perfect functionality, fair and first-class production solely in Germany and Austria, short delivery routes, more environmentally friendly materials – the POP Fender can do all this and more…

fender telescopic on both sides


Telescopic from 620mm (2’1/2″) to 250mm (9 3/4″) on both sides. This really saves space on the boat!

fender telescopic on both sides

Inherently stable

The POP fender retains its shape and is unaffected by temperature fluctuations. This means it also works at sub-zero temperatures.

Pop Fender is recyclable

Non-toxic & recyclable

The POP Fender is made of TPV – which is free of harmful substances & plasticisers, durable and recyclable.

Pop Fender - telescopic fender - compact and innovative

No squeaking

Conventional fenders “stick” to the surface of the boat and this causes the unpleasant squeaking noise. The POP fender does not stick or squeak and is therefore gentle on the hull.

Pop Fender can be ordered in many RAL colors


Available in 10 different colors – each with a white or black base color – to match your vessel.

Pop Fender is recyclable

Hardly any streaking

Streaking is much less prevalent compared to conventional PVC fenders and it is a whole lot easier to remove.

Pop Fender is maintenance free


You do not need an air pump. The POP Fender cannot burst. Individual parts can be replaced if necessary.


You do not need an air pump. The POP Fender cannot burst. Individual parts can be replaced if necessary.

Pop Fender is washable in the dishwasher

Dishwasher cleaning

You can easily wash the POP Fender in the dishwasher.

Pop Fender can be used under water

Works under water

The POP Fender is the first fender that can be used under water.


More space on
your boat!

Conventional fenders often find little or no room in the angled storage compartments on boats. Due to the telescopic nature of the POP Fender, this problem is history!


Do you have any questions about the POP Fender?

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